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Project designation
VITASENIOR-MT: Senior healthcare assistance in Medio Tejo (Assistência aos cuidados de saúde de idosos no Médio Tejo)


Instituto Politécnico de Tomar
The VITASENIOR-MT project aims to develop a telehealth solution to improve the health care of elderly people living alone in the region of Médio Tejo. This solution will do remote and local monitoring of biometric parameters of the elderly, as well as environmental parameters of their homes. The biometric variables include heart rate and temperature measurements collected automatically, by means of a bracelet, throughout the day. Blood pressure and blood glucose values will be measured by the senior’s own initiative. The environmental parameters include carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide measurements. A television channel with easy interaction allows the elderly to access biometric data, and automatically receive medical warnings and recommendations (based on biometric protocol and user profile). All data will also be available through Internet browser. In alarm situations, an automatic operational procedure will be triggered establishing communication to predefined entities.