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The interdisciplinary project B-RELIABLE aims at the R&D of new methods, theoretical and computational models and respective experimental validation, in human-centered systems, aiming to: 1) increase the reliability of brain-machine/computer interfaces (BMI/BCI) intended to people with severe motor disabilities in communicatio...


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The VITASENIOR-MT project aims to develop a telehealth solution to improve the health care of elderly people living alone in the region of Médio Tejo. This solution will do remote and local monitoring of biometric parameters of the elderly, as well as environmental parameters of their homes. The biometric variables include hea...

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Chronic diseases prevention and management joint with rehabilitation programs establishes a true challenge to the health care community. Epidemiological studies point to an increased prevalence of cardiovascular and chronic diseases, and specifies the supervised physical activity as a strong tool to control the progression t...

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Aging is a major societal challenge today. To match this cross-cutting issue to the various sectors of society, a project was designed aimed at promoting an active and healthy aging through the implementation of an intervention program based on the comprehensive geriatric assessment model (in Portuguese, Abordagem Geriátrica A...

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The proposed project entails the development of an exoskeleton-like fixed bicycle for neuro degenerative diseases diagnosis, training and recovering patients as well as bone trauma physiotherapy. The ExoByke structure resembles a fixed bicycle with a number of actuator and wireless sensors, whose operation may be adapted to pa...

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The potential of immersive reality systems and its broad range of application are well known. Despite the numerous systems available, there are currently no solutions that map static and dynamic obstacles in the physical space, and thereby users have to circulate in empty rooms or perform interaction with the immersive syste...

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This interdisciplinary project, aims to develop theoretical and experimental frameworks for the design, control and evaluation of a new generation of networked assistive mobile robots. This project addresses human-centered mobile robotics and will contribute for safer and more user-friendly mobile robotic assistants adapted to...