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AGA@4Life - Comprehensive Geriatric approach to promote an active and healthy aging - implementation of an integrated and multidisciplinary intervention program


Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra
Aging is a major societal challenge today. To match this cross-cutting issue to the various sectors of society, a project was designed aimed at promoting an active and healthy aging through the implementation of an intervention program based on the comprehensive geriatric assessment model (in Portuguese, Abordagem Geriátrica Ampla - AGA), also incorporating regional endogenous resources and the Health Sciences academia. The proposed AGA model is based on an individual, holistic and multidisciplinary assessment protocol, from which intervention strategies will be implemented, adjusted to each person?s needs, and aimed at preventing frailty and functional, cognitive and social decline of the elderly. Intervention actions will be focused on personalized exercise programs, nutritional education, cognitive stimulation, comorbidities monitoring, therapeutic counseling and global promotion of wellbeing.


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