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MOVIDA: Physical Activity Monitoring Platform (Plataforma de Monitorização da Atividade Física)


Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
Chronic diseases prevention and management joint with rehabilitation programs establishes a true challenge to the health care community. Epidemiological studies point to an increased prevalence of cardiovascular and chronic diseases, and specifies the supervised physical activity as a strong tool to control the progression thereof. This project will create a global health community program, centered in a platform with a mobile App and a dashboard, aimed to monitor physical activity, being divided into 4 main modules, targeting several branches of the population. This program enables exercise prescription and monitor user's performance and adherence, in metabolic diseases patients by (MOVIDA.cronos), to draw and follow a cardiac rehabilitation program (MOVIDA.eros), to track and quantify indoor movements (MOVIDA.domus), and also to access to a stratified training circuit, for maintain or improve fitness level (MOVIDA.polis). The project enrolls three academic partners and included research institutes, but also health and community stakeholders.. Students from engineering and health sciences will be integrated in the project, benefiting of this interdisciplinary environment.

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