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EXOBIKE: Equipamento biomecânico para terapia restauradora e apoio à reabilitação (EXOBIKE: Biomechanical Equipment for Restorative Therapy and Reabilitation)


Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra
The proposed project entails the development of an exoskeleton-like fixed bicycle for neuro degenerative diseases diagnosis, training and recovering patients as well as bone trauma physiotherapy. The ExoByke structure resembles a fixed bicycle with a number of actuator and wireless sensors, whose operation may be adapted to patient condition and pathology recovering demands. Using the Exobyke, the medical staff shall be able to provide the patients with individually adapted therapies such that effort and movements are applied considering a specific patient pathology. Moreover, stimulus that are closely related to reality are provided to patients through a virtual reality based solution while patient feedback is studied by sensor fusion with inertial sensors. Data is stored so that patient case analysis may be executed by medical staff at later time and convenience.

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